Desview T3 Teleprompter Review by Graham Houghton

The Desview T3 is the latest addition to the range of teleprompters - succeeding the T2 model with new features.

This new model can utilise up to 19 cms or 11 inch wide tablets as the projector source and also features mounting hardware for both smartphone and DSLR/Mirrorless capture/livestream.

The unit is made from all plastic materials apart from the glass 26 multicoated from surface mirror.

Unfortunately the glass cannot be removed for cleaning inside as it is glued along the lower edge so it is important to keep the rear cap attached when not in use.The first surface mirror should be protected with the cover when not in use


The mounting hardware for the smartphone/tablet is probably a little under engineered and when using a tablet causes the bracket to "sag" significantly. The smartphone mounting hardware for capture/livestream is again a little weak and unless it is securely tightened the smartphone can tilt. The fitting of the smartphone to the light seal foam inserts is also quite difficult as you have to view through the projector mirror.

The actual multicoated mirror does appear to be of high quality with about 1/3 EV red shift and looses just 2/3EV exposure in use. I didn't see any ghosting or flare when using the unit with either a smartphone or tablet as the source.The T3 in use with the iPhone 12 Pro mounted as the source and my Canon 90d with 17-55mm F2.8 lens as the capture device.  For my needs the lens was set to 28mm or 48mm EFLThe heart of this unit is the included bluetooth remote controller which allows you to start/pause/stop the text scrolling as well as being able to set the speed of the scrolling text.

The BESTVIEW app for IOS or Android allows the source text to be constructed, or copied and pasted from a source file.

Text is projected onto the screen (there was a small amount of ‘ghosting’ although it didn’t impact on my ability to read it) and you have a multitude of options for changing the background colour as well as the font type, size and colour through the app. Importantly it also allows you to "mirror" the text to achieve the correct orientation for projection (some apps only offer this as a "paid" feature.One of my major concerns is the load applied to the lens when supporting the unit. This is especially true when a tablet is used as the projector.

I use a rail rig and have added a support plate to carry the weight of the unit. It allows the lens to be "zoomed" without having to reposition magic arm clamps etc.

If you use the T3 with the supplied smartphone/tablet clamp with only a smartphone the unit is sufficiently strong enough to hold the smartphone in the projector position. It is only when this clamp is extended to hold the size of a 8 inch tablet that the whole assembly begins to sag and feels very insecure. I will be posting a simple modification that really "beefs up" the mounting of this unit and improves the overall strength and stability making this into one of the best, affordable units available.

1) If your Tablet is over 8”: Desview T3 > Desview T2
2) If you haven’t prepared any L-shaped mount or video rig to attach any video & photo accessories like microphone or light: Desview T3 > Desview T2
3) If your Tablet is under 8”: Desview T3 = Desview T2

Model Desview T3 Desview T2
Price $119 $99
Support Tablet under 11" under 8"
Anti-reflective  26-layer coating ×
Cold Shoe Mount 2 1
Supports Wide Angle
Lens adapters 49/52/55/58/62/67/72/77/82mm 49/52/55/58/62/67/72/77/82mm
Retractable Base  ×


This review is from Graham Houghton, click here to check the detailed review.

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Werner Dr. Ullrich

Werner Dr. Ullrich

I am using t3. Where I can find the text file in my smartphone android?

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