Godox AD200 Updated Version-Godox AD200Pro TTL Pocket Flash Kit


Many photographers love to test different gears to make their photos the best. Pocket flash is the best choice to fulfills the photographer’s wishes and creativity. So Godox flashes are popular among users because of its portable, reasonable budget, and efficiency. Godox has released many compact and capable strobe flash, including godox ad300pro, godox 200pro, and the newly-released godox ad100pro. Now, today, let’s have a look at ad200pro.


PackageGodox AD200Pro TTL Pocket Flash Kit Review

First, we need to check what the package and optional accessories includes:

1 x Godox AD200 Pro Pocket Flash

1 x Speedlite Flash Head

1 x Bare Bulb Flash Head

1 x AD-E2 Holder

1 x Battery Charger

1 x Lithium Battery Pack

1 x Storage Case

1 x User manual

Godox AD200Pro VS Godox AD200

Godox AD200Pro TTL Pocket Flash Kit

When it comes to these two pocket flashes’ look and design, it seems identical. Maybe there is a minor change to its flash itself. They also have some features (such as the same 200-watt output, a bare bulb head, fresenl head, etc.). It has the same accessories that the ad200 has.

If you check accessories from the godox ad200 kit, including LED Head, beauty dishes, all reflectors, and umbrella softbox, it is found that these accessories are compatible with the ad200pro. Its backward is perfect for X wireless system (X1 triggers, XPro triggers, and X2 triggers).

But the difference between the godox ad200 and godox ad200pro is its LCD on its back. The Godox ad200pro has a two-mil bumper on the back. These two ad200 series are different.

Its quarter-inch thread mount pointing is still on the side and bottom while these two notches fit the new tilt bracket accessory. It has a little screw mechanism that mounts the quarter-inch. The purpose is to locks the device into the bracket itself. Compared with the godox ad200, it can only lock the quarter-inch thread. The off/on button is different.


Color Stability Mode

Godox AD200Pro TTL Pocket Flash Kit

Godox ad200 pro comes with a new color stability mode, allowing you to control the setting and produce a variance of plus or minus 100 kelvins. But the color of friction is less than the previous one. The ad200 is plus or minus 200 kelvins. Besides, it also got a new feature on ad200pro. You can increase and decrease those stops by 0.1. So, it offers you a bit more fine-tuning when it comes to controlling the lighting output.


Recycle Time

When it comes to recycling time, the godox ad200 ‘s full output is 2.1 seconds. In contrast, the godox ad200 pro is 1.8seconds. It has 0.3 recycle time improvement for this pro device. It is perfect for photographers to shoot weddings and events because every millisecond counts to get the shot, making sure your flash keeps up with your shots



Godox AD200Pro TTL Pocket Flash Kit

First of all, let’s have a look at the godox ad200pro. If you want to improve this pocket flash, you can upgrade your device via USB-C Port underneath towards the rear of the flash. There is a mode button that allows you to change the different modes of the flash. Such as TTL. Manual, multi. A group button you can press to change the other groups.


Godox AD200Pro TTL Pocket Flash Kit

This button will allow you to turn beep on and off;



Godox AD200Pro TTL Pocket Flash Kit

This button allows you to cycle through different slave groups; If you want to have it off or all go through slave one or two when you are using group flashes;



Godox AD200Pro TTL Pocket Flash Kit

F3 is the auto time out delay. It can turn your flash off whether it is inactive or not in use. You can set 30MIN / 60MIN / 90MIN / Off.



Godox AD200Pro TTL Pocket Flash Kit

F4 is the second curtain & rear curtain sync which can allow you to choose the delay of in fractions of a second.



Godox AD200Pro TTL Pocket Flash Kit

F5 is masking function has some similarities with other godox flashes. You can fire off first a second when set them to different groups of flashes. This feature is perfect for stationary objects.



Godox AD200Pro TTL Pocket Flash Kit

F6 is flash duration display.



Godox AD200Pro TTL Pocket Flash Kit

F7 is Wireless ID. If you are using godox pocket flash in same proximity, you can set the wireless id of your flash that goes anywhere between 99 and 1. It can reduce interference if there is multiple godox shooters.



Godox AD200Pro TTL Pocket Flash Kit

F8 is color stability mode. It can allow you to have a variance in terms of color stability from shot to shot.

Godox AD200pro is available on pergear.com

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