InfiRay T2 Pro Thermal Monocular -- Turns Your Phone Into  A Thermal Spotter

The InfiRay T2 pro not only is a thermal camera, bit also a thermal monocular. It is a handheld device that uses thermal imaging to see in the dark. It has a long-range viewing distance of up to 1300m, making it designed specifically for observing in difficult or dangerous environments.

The T2 pro fits the bottom of your phone, and easily turns your phone into a thermal spotter. It's going to change the dynamics of being able to record the shooting in thermal. It is a thermal spotter monocular with all the features of recording, imaging and hotspot tracking, it is phenomenal!

This is far better than the pulsar xm22, and its fraction of the price $399. ($379 at Pergear webstore)

APP Installation

There's the APP called Xinfrared for you to have a look at straight into it. You can find in any of your play stores or the iphone store.

Tracking Mode

It records hunting, changed shooting because you can get a dynamic of thermal hunting and spotting.

Tracking Distance

Image Quality Comparison

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