SmokeGENIE Fog Machine Review

The SmokeGENIE was designed to easily create a fog, haze, low hanging fog effect, dry ice effect, it can be operated by hand or remotely with a controller. It offers 25 different modes of power, uses a glycerin-based formula to make it smoke. The machine has a built-in temperature control that would stop the machine before it overheats. It's made for like theatrical purposes,studio photography and video.

Package Content


The package comes with a liquid smoke nozzle, and this is my favarite thing. If you put this on, it kind of huilds up in there, and it sits more like dry ice. And that's crazy for photography. It can acheive lots of things like Doctor Strange.

And the cinematic haze fan, blow the smoke in and it can spread to any angle.

Remote Control

It can be operated by hand or remotely with a controller, which will comes with the package/order.


Version: SmokeGENIE v1
Dimensions: 45 x 65 x 185 (mm)
Battery type: 18650 x 2 (FLAT TOP, Unprotected)
Remote battery: 23A 12V x 1
Recommended Battery Output: 3.5v or above,10A or above,3200mah or above.
Total output time (based on 2 x 3200mAh):  Lv 5 ~ 40mins, Lv 4 ~ 50mins, Lv 3 ~ 65mins, Lv 2 ~ 120mins, Lv 1 ~ 300mins
Stand by time: 120 minutes(Auto Power off after idle of 120mins)
Waiting/Boiling time for smoke: 0 seconds (Instant)
Fog Liquid composition: VG (Vegetable Glycerin) + PG (Propylene Glycol)
Liquid consumption:
Lv 5 ~ 0.8ml/min (~11 mins output/refill)
Lv 4 ~ 0.7ml/min
Lv 3 ~ 0.5ml/min (~18 mins output/refill)
Lv 2 ~ 0.25ml/min
Lv 1 ~ 0.05ml/min
Chamber capacity: 9ml
Chamber durability : over 200 time out triggers
Filling capacity(With Haze Fan): ~500 CFM
Hangtime: 10-15 minutes (with ventilation), 30-45 minutes (without ventilation)


You have three dots so tapping it three times will power it on or off. And you will need to pre-load it with some of the smoke juice. And it will get hot, it's also embedded on  a color temperature sensing so that will change to a lighter hue when it's after it's been running, so you know not to touch it. It's a little guard to keep you from touching it.

I have a professional theatrical solution to this and it's from about 10 years ago and it was like a thousand bucks for this thing that put out just the tiniest little bit of smokw for pratical stuff for film. So I can say this SmokeGENIE is really neat, and it's worth to let people know this type of devices exist when you have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to get something that may not even have the remote functionality.

Purchase link:

Japan: Japan Webstore

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I just bought this thing and it’s way more powerful than its size suggests. It is not a toy, it can easily fill a small to medium room with thick haze in no time. The smoke hangs in the air longer than a regular hazer. I think it can actually replace a hazer on certain projects like short films, music videos, etc… or bring atmospheric effects where it was not possible before such as on a documentary or whenever minimal equipment is needed. Hazers are still better for larger spaces, studios and obviously their tank holds more liquid but they’re annoying to start/stop, they take time to heat up, they’re hard to aim at the right spots. This thing can create localized smoke, for example if all you want is shafts of light you can just use it where the shafts are and save lots of fogger fluid. I can see it also be used as a mini Artem outside. The “hazer” fan is also very good by itself at wafting the smoke (better than a flag). The dry ice effect is cool, too, though I am not sure how often I’ll use it. I’ll mostly use it as a hazer. Great product!

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