2021 Best AI Selfie Mount Gimbal for Smarphones -- OBSBOT ME

OBSBOT Me inherited the strong tracking ability of OBSBOT family, it always keep stable and smooth tracking the person in the center of the video frame. To show yourself better whenever inspiration strikes. This solid phone gimbal is very convenient for using, and there's no bluetooth, no wifi, and you don't need any specific app.

No cameraman needed, just put your hand up or simply press the button on OBSBOT Me, the OBSBOT Me will lock onto you and start tracking your movement.

Model ME
Product AI Selfie Mount Gimbal
Color Black
Wifi No
Bluetooth No


  • Highlights

1. The best tracking distance is 0.5m-3m, and the farthest distance is 15m.
2. Tracking speed is 120 degrees/s.
3. The remote control is used to control the mobile phone, not BOSBOT ME itself.
4. Support using with a phone case, iPhone 12 Pro Max supported.
5. Can only track ±150° horizontally, not vertically. Gestures control tracking supported, but gestures control zooming not supported.
6. Currently, only humans can be tracked, animals can not be tracked.
7. OBSBOT ME's tracking speed is faster than OBSBOT TINY.
8. The price is 149USD, and the crowdfunding price is about 90USD.


  • Specifications
Price 149USD
Size Unfold:55*66.5*209mm
Weight 200g
Weight Capacity 200g±70g
1/4 Screw
Power Supply /
Battery Capacity 950mAH
Charging Time 75min
Working Time 2H
APP No self APP, compatible with Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Skype, etc.
Maximum Width of the Holder

55--84mm. Thickness≤10.5mm

Horizontal Movement Angle 310° (Horizontal)
Tracking AI Face Tracking(Button or gesture control)
Maximum Tracking Speed 120°/s

The OBSBOT ME smartphone gimbal would be perfect for teachers, YouTubers and fitness instructors and whoever is doing live streaming or doing TikTok or businesses which they want to show what they are currently working on their social media, or even somebody is cooking and wants to call their friends.

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