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Interest is the best teacher. Henry Ford, known as the king of American cars, is the founder of Ford Motor Company. He has a strong interest in machinery since he was a child. When he was 12 years old, he spent a lot of time setting up his own machinery workshop, repairing watches and various. When he was 15 years old, he built an internal combustion engine himself; when he was 16 years old, he went to a machinery factory as an apprentice as a mechanic; by the age of 23, his manufacturing experience was already very rich, and he began to study vehicles powered by internal combustion engines.; at the age of 33, he built the first car and named him a four-wheeler.

TECHING is a representative of producing the educational model engine kits.TECHING model engine provides industrial literacy education, which provides characteristic literacy education through independent research and development, design, and production of metal machinery assembly models. It also plays a role in the dissemination of industrial culture.

99% of the assembled models of Teching are made of metal, especially the oxidized aluminum alloy metal material. The metal material is more realistic than the plastic toys commonly encountered by children. Generally, plastic toys only stimulate children's abstract thinking, while metal products activate children’s rational thinking.

TECHING have 2-cylinder, 4-cylinder car model engines and other engine model kits. Today we're going to introduce you 2 of the most popular model engines.

The first one is the V2 cylinder model kit. The V2 is composed of 217 parts. It's build with quality stainless steel and eco-friendly anodized aluminium alloy, made for longevity and endless play. The whole process is close to the professional assembly line operation, allowing both children and adults to be creative.

Build of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, coupled with anodized coloring process, makes it look not only tough and high-value, but also wear-resistant.

The assembled model looks almost the same as the line and shape of the real engine, and each small component can operate independently, 100% a mini version of the engine.

The second one is the V4 cylinder model kit. The Four-Cylinder car engine model kit has 357 parts. The three-layer partition separates the 357 parts and avoids damage to the parts caused by friction.

Each parts is quite delicate. You can clearly see every movement of the four-cylinder engine and understand the working principle more intuitively. Whether it is for collecting, studying or for gifts, it is quite worth buying!
Intuitively shows the structure and working principle of the 4-cylinder engine.
TECHING also has other car engine models, please check it here.
You can buy more model toys at Verymodel:

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