TTArtisan 40mm f2.8 Full Review

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Now, Today, I will introduce you a macro lens – TTArtisan 40mm f2.8 macro lens. It is very impressed with this brand-new lens. 

Compared with the first-party camera lenses, this lens is so cheap and a good fit for street photographers. According to ttartisans officials, tttartisans 40mm f2.8 macro lens is suitable for fuji x, Sony e, canon e, and m43 mount. Weighing in at 370gram, it seems very lightweight and walk-around lens.


Build and Design

This lens consists of 11 blades, meaning that it offers a great bokeh. When you first get this lens, it feels very solid and high-quality when holding it with your hand. When it comes to the focus ring at its front, it feels very smooth. The front of the elements may be extruded when you are adjusting your focus distance from infinity to close focus distance. The aperture ring is clicked from a large aperture of f/2.8 to a minimum aperture of f1.6. But it is not a good feature for still photography when you change the aperture ring. This lens has a maximum magnification of 1: 1 while the minimum distance is 17mm.

Image Sharpness

At f/2.8, it performs very well in the center while it is less sharp at the corner. When at f/5.6, the corner is sharp. But if you want sharper across the corner when stopping down f/8. For its depth of field, it is very narrow at f2.8. Its bokeh is very round and this lens offers a nice pleasing bokeh. But there is a halo effect across the edge of bokeh balls. When it comes to vignette, it is well controlled by ttartisans 40mm f2.8 lens. When at f/4, across the corner, there is some vignetting but it is less obvious. Lens flare is also good. When shooting some subjects in the sunlight, there is some lens flare but it is not a big problem. But one negative side of this lens is its lack of a lens hood. So you need to purchase a lens hood to avoid some lens flare. There is some distortion at the normal distance shooting. Additionally, for some sunstars, it is not very good as you expected. But if you stop down the aperture of f16, it remains the same. For the chromatic aberration, it performs well. The contrast is very good.



If you want to shoot some tiny things and some street photos, this lens is good fit for you and as we all know that, all macro lens are much expensive than this lens. It worths trying.

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TTArtisan 40mm f2.8 Full Review


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