Viltrox AF 27mm F1.2 Pro XF Lens Review - Another Member of the Viltrox Pro Series
This AF 27mm F1.2 APS-C lens is the second Pro series lens of Viltrox after the 75mm f1.2. It has excellent optical quality and revolutionizes the shooting experience of APS-C lenses in all aspects. 


  • F1.2 large aperture
  • HOYA aspheric lens
  • 15 Elements in 11 groups
  • About 40mm full frame equivalent
  • Dust and splash proof

Continuing the Viltrox Pro series, the image quality of the AF 27mm F1.2 Pro lens once again relies on the incredible super resolution, to make every detail of the picture be clearly and truly restored. Ultra-high resolution fully meets the demand for higher image quality.

The superior F1.2 large aperture presents an unparalleled bokeh effect, creating a deeper expression of the picture with a very shallow depth of field. No matter how complicated the background environment is, the main body still emerges vividly.

HOYA special lens material, excellent chromatic aberration and dispersion control, fully open the aperture without scruples.

Fast and accurate autofocus is achieved with a quiet and highly responsive STM stepping motor.

27mm is equivalent to about 40mm in full-frame, which is close to the angle of view of the human eyes, it’s the gold standard focal length.

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Sample Pictures

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