ZGCINE G10 Gopro fast charging case

ZGCINE releases their new product: ZGCINE PS-G10, a fast charging case for Gopro batteries. It is compatible with Gopro Hero 10/9/8/7/6/5 batteries, and you can charg up to 3 Gopro batteries at the same time. So, what you can expect from this new fast charging case for your Gopro? Let's talk about it.

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The design of ZGCINE PS-G10 is similar with ZGCINE ZG-R30. But the ZGCINE G10 is smaller, the size of ZGCINE G10 is 95mm *75mm *59mm, the size of ZGCINE ZG-R30 is 135 *66mm *72.5mm.

It add 4 card slots inside of the lid that you can store the 4 TF cards.

The ZGCINE PS-G10 continues the same battery indicator as the ZGCINIE ZG-R30 with four battery level displays: 25%-50%-75%-100%. But it adds 3 new Roman numerals to correspond to the different ports of the battery, which helps you know the charge level of each battery.

It is easy to operate, insert the battery to start charging and simply press the power button twice to turn off charging.

Package list:

1. Charging case
2. Battery mounting * 3
3. USB-C charging cable
4. USB-A charging cable


zgcine g10

Key Features:

zgcine G10
  • Fully compatible with GoPro original battery: Designed for Gopro Hero 10/9/8/7/6/5 Batteries. With 10400 mAh rechargeable battery, it can fully charge the GoPro Hero 10/9 battery in 2.5h and the GoPro Hero 8/7/6/5 in 1h50min.

  • Unique Design with Storage Function: Precise slot design, can charge 3pcs GoPro batteries simultaneously. It can also store 4 TF Cards with 3 GoPro batteries.

  • Reverse Charging Be Power Bank: With USB-C PD output and USB-A out put, it can charge the GoPro camera,mobile phones and other devices.

  • Multiple Protections: Built-in safety integrated circuit, with multiple self-protectioin function,safe and stable.

  • Clearly display and easy to use: Easy to grasp the charging status through the indicator light.


Buy on Amazon: US($55), CA(CAD79), UK(£59)

Buy on Pergear (International Shop): $55

My thoughts:


1. Good price
2. Easy to carry around, it can charge batteries on there’s no power around
3. Better store your batteries and your TF cards
4. Easy to operate


1. Not waterproof
2.Not support Gopro Max

In conclusion, the ZGCINE PS-G1O is a good accessory for Gopro users. If you have several version of Gopro camera, it would be a good solution for your batteries charging. If you need multiple Gopro batteries to support your long shooting sessions, then this product is also a great reason to buy. You can put the batteries in the case and put them in your bag and it will automatically charge the batteries, which is perfect for those who rather carry a light load.

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