OBSBOT Meet 4K AI Virtual Background Webcam Review

Obsbot Meet 4K is the first 4K webcam that embedded background protecting AI features inside. No Apps are needed, with only one tap on the Obsbot Meet 4K, you can easily blur or replace the background on your video calls. And the Obsbot Meet 4K webcam has finally been officially annouced, it's available for pre-order, and orders will be shipped at 25th May.

Details/Upgradation of Obsbot Meet 4K Webcam

With a 1/2.8'' Sony 4K sensor and the HDR auto-exposure technology, the meet 4k camera makes the image look professional in any lights; With AI auto-framing function and the virtual background features, the Obsbot Meet 4K is the perfect choice for having seamless video calls at home and in the office.

The Obsbot Meet also supports portrait view, let you enjoy ultra HD 4K video in the 9:16 format.

Empowered by Obsbot AI tech, the auto focus feature on Meet serious will always keep the focus in the middle of the image. When turning on the face focus function, the device will keep the focus on your face instead and adjust the bokeh and keeping your face distinct and bright.

The device will turn into sleep mode with 3 seconds press, the video and audio capture will be stopped in the meanwhile. Or you can make the device's sleep time customizable using "Device Auto Sleep" in the device.

The webcam also designed with a privacy shutter. To cover the lens with the privacy shutter to get a physical protection.

Differences between Obsbot Meet 4k and 1080P:

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