Best Budget Thermographic Camera -- InfiRay T2S Plus Review

If you're looking for a low cost thermal camera with industrial grade, macro lens,and build in battery, I'd like to recommend the InfiRay T2S Plus. It's capable of incredible 8mm macro, no other camera on the market especialy at this price can do that.

The InfiRay T2S Plus thermographic camera comes with a built-in 9mm macro lens that allows you to get up real close to the subjects like the mother board and have it be in focus and be able to clearly see the surface of the board. And the thermal imager has a 256*192 resolution and 25 hertz fast refresh rate that means as you're moving the board around under the thermal camera is a lot smoother motion versus the Seek thermal camera, which is around 9 hertz. And that basically means 25 times per second. And that's about a macro lens which is adjustable so you could twist the ring to get better focus.

Package Content

1* InfiRay T2S thermal camera
1* USB-C extension cable
1* Pouch
1* User manual

Using Tutorial

Step 1: Download the Xthermal app to your Android phone
Step 2: Plug the InfiRay T2S Plus to your phone
*Please make sure you've downloaded the latest verion.

You can take pictures and videos within the app iteself, and then look at the gallery. The seettings like temperature, color plate, lanaguge and so on can be changed within the app.

Manual Focus

The focal distance can been controlled by twsting the ring in the thermal camera. Overral it's a good tool for repairing.

As for now, the InfiRay T2S Plus is only compatible with Type-C Android smartphones. But they also have the IOS version coming soon, so stay tuned.

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